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Smartrak's Mobility Portfolio enables organisation to maximise their fleet's mobility. Enquire about a FREE trail of our PoolCar, shared fleet management software, and explore how your fleet can thrive.

No matter the size of your fleet, Smartrak has the solution to enable your organisation. Smartrak's PoolCar, helps your organisation's fleet move away from management in spreadsheets, provides greater visibility and control over your fleets use, and allows you to identify who has been driving what vehicle.

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Mobility and car sharing solutions getting people from A to B

PoolCar - Pool Booking Platform

Smartrak’s PoolCar Pool Booking provides a platform to manage, monitor and book your fleet’s shared vehicles and assets.


An electronic key cabinet which conveniently centralises the storage and management of your pool vehicle or asset keys.

Keyless Entry

Providing your fleet with the ability to lock and unlock your vehicles using a smartphone, RFID or building access card.

The strategies, management, and technologies involved in transporting people from one location to another are changing the way workforces operate.

The shift in industry thinking from vehicle-centric management and movement as the primary objective, to a person-centric approach that recognises the mobility of people as the prime operational objective, is generating powerful changes across organisations.

Journey planning that drives maximum operational benefit from available resources, connectivity that ensures responsiveness and flexibility, and solutions that make every journey safer are moving centre stage in the considerations of managers.

This person-centric approach to mobility is already producing leaner fleets, as organisations leverage the shared economy, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), public transport, and sustainable transport options, such as bicycles. Through these changes, forward-thinking organisations are reducing operational costs, improving transport experiences, strategically balancing journey times against costs, and reducing their carbon footprints.

By removing the staffing requirements of manning a key room, organisations can instead invest in the optimisation of their fleets. With the greater control and accountability that comes with a key management solution, vehicles are also more secure and less likely to be taken without apporpriate oversight.

This oversight extends to the appropriate licencing of individuals accessing the keys for a vehicle. With the integration of a pool booking solution, the wider management of authorisation, licencing, timing and vehicle allocation is able to managed, improving the overall operation and utilisation of your fleet, and ensuring your have control over all your fleets movements.

Considered going keyless?

Keyless Entry is the latest in connected car technology. Providing your fleet with the ability to lock and unlock your vehicles using a smartphone, RFID or building access card. Smartrak has expanded its Mobility portfolio to include Keyless Entry as it continually looks for ways to make sharing resources more effective and efficient for your organisation. Staff make a reservation through Smartrak’s PoolCar Pool Booking, then head directly out to the carpark and unlock the car. No delays stopping off to pick up the keys.

No more trekking across campus to get the car keys. Walk straight from your office to the car park and unlock the car from your smartphone.